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So What's "The Dirt"?

Welcome to our new website! Jam packed full of info on who we are and what's on. Helping us to connect with and grow our Club M.U.D. Community. One of our main objectives for creating our new website was to streamline the process by which our team of dedicated volunteers communicates with our members. Streamlined processes = less admin = more time for riding and or driving the kids to and from and up and down Black Hill. So we created "The Dirt".

The Dirt is where we will keep you up to date on all the latest news and announcements, including event schedules, registration links, results and highlights. As a Club M.U.D. member you have automatically been subscribed to "The Dirt" which has been designed with non Facebook users in mind, so you never miss an update. Speaking of Facebook....

Facebook Update

Don't worry you can still communicate with us through Facebook in the usual way if you prefer, but due to some "technical" issues (code for: we lost the password), in order for us to connect our social media channels to "The Dirt" we've had to create a new Facebook page. So make sure you head to our new Facebook page and follow us.

But before you do make sure you have a look around our new website.  You'll find all our event details, quick links for registration, information about memberships and volunteering and much more. There's a bucket load of photos to keep you entertained and an even an online shop where you can pick up some sweet Club M.U.D. Merch! 

Any questions or concerns please get in touch.


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