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The Code of Conduct is a framework that outlines the standards of behaviours and ethical conduct expected of by all members.

1) Respect the Landscape

Respect our local trails and be a good caretaker of the physical environment. Keep single track single by staying on the trail. Practice “Leave No Trace” principles. Carry out your rubbish, including punctured tubes. Do not ride wet and muddy trails because it will cause rutting, widening and maintenance headaches. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or get off and walk) technical features, not around them.


2) Trail Preservation

The trails at Black Hill are maintained by the Club volunteers in conjunction with the City of Ballarat. Respect the work they put in. Avoid skidding. Skidding reduces your control and damages the trail. Ride on existing trails only. Do not cut corners or make short cuts across trails. This will have a detrimental impact on built-in trail drainage, making them less resilient to sustaining heavy rainfall. If an obstruction blocks your path, do not ride around it. Remove the obstruction, if possible and safe to do so, or return from the direction you came. Ensure that the obstruction does not block any drainage features. If unable to remove the obstruction, report it to the Club Committee for attention.

4) Obey Trail Direction

Ensure you follow all trail direction signage. Obey one-way trail directions. DO NOT ride up one-way downhill trails – this is extremely dangerous. This is for yours and everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

5) Share the Trail

There will be other riders on the trails. Be courteous and respectful to others. Take care when travelling around blind corners.


6) Ride Open & Authorised Trails Only

Building unauthorised single track or adding trail features are detrimental to our access. Poorly built features could also seriously injure other riders. If you want to help build and maintain trails, attend the Club Working Bees.

7) Ride in Control

Speed, inattentiveness and rudeness are the primary sources of trail conflict among riders and ride groups. If you need to pass, slow down, ring a bell or verbally announce yourself, and wait until the other rider is out of the path. Be extra aware when riding trails with poor sight lines and blind corners, and make sure you can hear clearly what’s going on around you.

8) Plan Ahead

Be prepared and self-sufficient. Every mountain biker should carry what they need for the ride they are undertaking and know how to fix a flat tyre or make minor repairs. Download a GPS trail app such as Trail Forks on your phone for navigation or carry a map in unfamiliar locations. Ride with a partner or share your riding plan with someone if you are heading our solo.


9) Mind the Animals

Be aware of wildlife, especially in the early morning and late afternoon. Never frighten animals. Respect them, their habitat and environment.


10) Social Media and Online Forums

All members and volunteers, as well as social media followers, are expected to be respectful of other members and users when interacting on the Club’s social media platforms and online forums. Club M.U.D is a family friendly club. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but please be respectful.


11) Bullying, Harassment and Racism

Bullying, harassment, racist, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any club member or member of the public whether in person, on club social media platforms, online forums or through direct messaging and email, will not be tolerated. Publishing and circulating any defamatory, vulgar, obscene or threatening material will not be tolerated and may see you become liable for defamation. Supported by evidence, such members will find themselves blocked from Club social media platforms and have their memberships cancelled.

12) Shuttles / Race Days

Any registered rider attending our shuttle or race days, MUST provide photo ID when checking in. (If under High School age, parent/guardian ID will be sufficient)

ALL riders under the age of 18 MUST have an Adult in attendance who is either AT Black Hill or close by.


Sanctions, including potential bans from racing, will be placed on:


  • Anyone found to be riding using someone elses registration.

  • Anyone found to be sharing their registration with another rider

  • A child under 18 attending events without an adult who is responsible for them in attendance.

  • Repeated reports of rude & disrespectful behaviour including repeatedly pushing in the shuttle line.

  • Anyone found to be engaging in anti social behaviour

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