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Summer Shuttles

When:  Closed for the Season

Now we love our cross-country cousins as much as the next group of riders, but this club is all about going downhill.  As such, we love getting a lift back to the top and the club has two brand new busses and trailers to get us there.

In the Summer months, the club offers gold-coin donation shuttles on Wednesday evenings. 

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to keep an eye out and come and have some fun!

Club M.U.D also runs paid shuttle days where for a modest fee, you can shred all day and never have to pedal up! You might even get a BBQ thrown in!

KOB Shuttles

When:  Coming soon

Prepare your self for the KOB rounds by attending our shuttle days usually ran 2 weeks prior to each race round. 


Registrations through Auscycling.

Detailed information on location, parking, safety gear etc. can be found on our FAQ page

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