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  • When Is KOB?
    All race weekends have a practice day on Saturday and racing on Sunday. 2024 Dates Round 1 - June 29 & 30 Round 2 - July 27 & 28 Round 3 - August 24 & 25 Usually race weekends will follow this schedule: Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm : Practice and shuttles - Split practice will occur, please see event details closer to the date. 10:30am - 2:00pm : Plate Collection Sausage sizzle, drinks and snacks will be available for purchase on the day Sunday: 7:00am - 7:45am: Track inspection 8:00am - 10:30am: Practice - All participants MUST complete 1 full practice run before racing begins. 10:30am - Rider Briefing - All riders MUST attend 11:00am - Run 1 1:00pm - Run 2 (this time is approximate. Please listen for announcements) The riders with the lowest combined time will be deemed the winner for each of their respected categories. Presentations will be held after each round. NO SELF SHUTTLING ALLOWED DURING THE EVENT. Keep an eye on for all the latest news and details
  • When is Mini Muddies?
    2024 Dates April 27 7 28 Registrations are open. Places are limited. Saturday: Saturday practice between 12pm and 3pm for all categories. 3-4pm will be practice for ages 9&10, 11&12 years and A Grade categories. 12:00pm - 3:00pm : Unofficial practice and shuttles for all categories 3:00pm - 4:00pm : practice for ages 9&10, 11&12 years and A Grade categories Sunday: 10:00am - 12:00pm: Registration & plate collection & practice 12:15pm : Rider briefing 12:30: Racing commences
  • Where Is KOB and Mini Muddies?
    KOB is held at the Black Hill Mountain Bike park in Ballarat. The race village for Mini Muddies is at the top of the hill on Sim St The race village for KOB is at the end of Newman Street.
  • Where Do I Park My Car For The Event?
    For Mini Muddies parking is available on at the end of Sim Street For KOB parking is available off Newman Street There is NO PARKING allowed in Newman Street
  • What Safety Gear Do I Need To Wear?
    KOB - as per Auscycling Requirements (please note there are changes from previous years) DOWNHILL CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS a) Full-face helmets with a fixed non-detachable mouthpiece are mandatory at all AusCycling sanctioned events. ​ b) The jersey shall be a long-sleeved shirt with sleeves that extend down to the rider's wrists. Jerseys used in downhill events should be of a type specifically designed and sold for use in BMX Racing or Mountain Bike downhill events. Jerseys designed for road cycling, skinsuits, or one-piece suits comprising the jersey and the pants/shorts are not permitted for use in downhill events. The jersey must be either close fitting around the waist or must be tucked into the pants before the start to not cause interference. Knees must be covered by full-length trousers and/or self-fastening knee or knee/shin guards expressly designed for off-road competition. ​ c) For all riders who are eligible to compete in U13, U15 and U17 categories, the following equipment is mandatory at all times while on track regardless of registered category: Full-finger gloves must be worn; Full length jersey – jersey must cover elbows at all times; Knee pads and elbow pads must be worn. The use of the following for all competitors is strongly recommended: Neck brace expressly designed for off-road competition; Back and shoulder protection expressly designed for the purpose; Full finger gloves; Elbow protectors and/or long sleeve jersey to the wrist; Goggles expressly designed for the purpose. ​ ​ Mini Muddies As mini muddies is aimed at younger riders and is generally an introduction to riding in a controlled environment there are slightly different requirements. ​ All participants are encouraged to wear a full faced helmet where possible but an Australian standards certified helmet is minimum. ​ All participants must cover elbows and knees. We strongly recommend knee pads, elbow pads and gloves if possible.
  • What Categories Are Available?
    King Of Ballarat: Elite Male & Female Expert Male & Female Sport Male & Female Under 17s Male & Female Under 15's Male & Female Under 13's Male & Female Over 35's Male & Female Mini Muddies: 6 & Under Male & Female 7 & 8 Years Male & Female 9 & 10 Years Male & Female 11 & 12 Years Male & Female A Grade Male & Female
  • Which Track Are We Racing?
    Track announcements will happen in the lead up week to the event. We try to keep it random so that no one has any unfair advantage. Keep your eyes on for announcements!
  • How Do I Register?
    All participants must register through AusCycling. Check out our registrations page at IMPORTANT: Registrations are not transferrable so you cannot register for someone else in your name.
  • What Category Do I Race In?
    For all the under age groups (Under 13/15/17) you must be under that age on the 31st July of that year. So if you turn 17 on June 15th, you cannot race in the Under 17 category. For Over 35s, you guessed it, you have to be over the age of 35 on July 31st of that year. For the over age categories, a good rule of thumb: Elite: These are the fastest racers ion the hill. They are completing race runs in around 1:00 and are generally racing state or national rounds as well. Expert: Expert are extremely competent riders that are completing race runs around 1:05-1:15 Sport: This category is for all the other riders that don't fall into an age category, but are not super fast zoom zoom racers like Elite and Expert. You will generally be completing runs in over 1:15. It's a great place to start out your first races.
  • Some Other Stuff
    Any registered rider attending our shuttle or race days, MUST provide photo ID when checking in. (If under High School age, parent/guardian ID will be sufficient) ALL riders under the age of 18 MUST have an Adult in attendance who is either AT Black Hill or close by. Sanctions, including potential bans from racing, will be placed on: Anyone found to be riding using someone elses registration. Anyone found to be sharing their registration with another rider A child under 18 attending events without an adult who is responsible for them in attendance. Repeated reports of rude & disrespectful behaviour including repeatedly pushing in the shuttle line. Anyone found to be engaging in anti social behaviour CONCUSSION POLICY: If a rider is suspected of concussion, the rider will not be allowed to continue riding without relevant clearance from a medical professional. Please note - the decision of the race director is final. RIDER CODE OF CONDUCT: The past couple of years we've been notified of some concerning behaviour in the shuttle lines and track side. If you witness such behaviour, please ensure you inform us of the riders plate number/bike description etc. Any rider found to be altering the track/bunting in any way, behaving in an unacceptable way, cutting in/snaking in the shuttle line or self shuttling over the weekend will face immediate disqualification. NOTE: The Race Director reserves the right to deem any participants clothing or equipment unsatisfactory. It is up to the participant to ensure they meet the above minimum requirements for the purpose in which they are intended.
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