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About Us

Club M.U.D. is a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting gravity-based mountain biking in the Ballarat region.

We support the sport by providing shuttle days, working bees, social events, and of course, races!

The committee is 100% volunteer and all work performed is for the benefit of mountain biking, and all funds raised go back into the club.

The Club M.U.D Committee is a fully volunteer group of people that keep the club running. Any club member that is 18 years or older can be voted into the committee, with nominations and selection happening before the AGM near the end of each year. Below you can find out more about the roles that are currently represented on the committee and some of their responsibilities.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Committee role please get it touch!

The Committee


Vice President

Caroline Blackley


Kristy Bircanin


Anna Sims

Rider Reps

Paul Tippins

Roles + Responsibilities

The President is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the Club. A thorough knowledge of the club constitution and meeting procedures is required.


Desirable Attributes:

  • Be well informed of all organisation activities and able to provide oversight. 

  • Be able to develop good relationships internally and externally.

  • Be forward-thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of the Club

  • Have a good working knowledge of the Committee Constitution, rules, and duties of office bearers.

  • Be able to work collaboratively with other Committee Members

  • Be a good listener and attuned to the interests of members and other interest groups

  • Be a good role model and a positive image for the Club in representing the Committee in other forums 

  • Be a competent public speaker


Key Duties:


  • Ensure all necessary tasks for day to day running of the activities of the club are carried out.

  • Chair Committee and General meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively.

  • Act as a signatory for the Club in all legal and financial purposes and monitor the clubs' bank account in particular payments made.

  • Ensure the Club asset register is current

  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Club when required

  • Represent the club in matters involving the relevant Competition Association.

  • Submit an annual report to the Club at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Assist in the development of partnerships with sponsors, funding agencies, local and state government, shared facility users, and organisations that are relevant to the goals of the Club.

  • Coordinate activities within the club committee.

  • Assist with set up and running of club events and activities

  • Assist with social media and communication as required

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