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Marshall Information

Your Role



Whistle blow EVERY TIME a rider goes by your position – this notifies other riders and spectators.


To communicate with the commissaire about injured riders or those with a mechanical issue. ONLY the commissaire will decide when the track gets closed.

To make sure the course is clear for riders, e.g Remind spectators to stay off the track and help remove riders and their bikes from the track if required.

Your Responsibilities

At the Start of your Shift


Pass on ‘course Live’ message when requested (at the start of the day, prior to seeding/racing or after an injury hold.) – The Commissaire will go in numerical order down the track starting at the top of the track with #1. The first marshal point will say ‘marshal 1 ready’, the second marshal point will say ‘marshal 2 ready’  and so on down the track. Wait until the marshal point above you has said they are ready before you do. This message tells the commissaire that the course is clear and ready to start.



If a rider has a mechanical and will not continue racing, and needs a lift back to the bottom of the hill, please radio the race director to facilitate transport.

·If they are continuing down the track to an access point, remind them to stay off the track.

At the End of your Shift


Please stay at your station until one of the following:


Morning Shift

The next person relives you at the marshal point

Afternoon shift

You see the sweep rider pass your point

(you will hear on the radio when the sweep/last rider is on the course)

As the sweep rider passes you, radio this in “sweep past marshal point #”

(what ever marshal point you are)


After a rider has crashed, ask if they are okay to continue. Most will continue so you won’t need to radio through. If the rider is not injured encourage them to move off the track to get sorted – if they can.

If a fallen rider is able to get up but too injured to continue, radio the commissaire, then first aid and ask the rider to move to the side of the track while waiting if possible.

If a fallen rider cannot move or they have a severe injury radio first for first aid and then the commissaire, once the commissaire directs, use your red flag to alert other riders above the injured rider to stop at your marshal point.


If riders tell you there’s been a serious crash above you that you cannot see, please radio the commissaire for guidance.



If you need any assistance please call the committee member allocated to volunteers. – this number will be given to you on the day.


Volunteers will be provided with snacks and water, if you run out please call the committee member allocated to volunteers

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